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Restoration studio created in 1979, Pascal and Annie Leniau Masters "Conservation-restoration “approching with experience the prevention and all preservetion necessery to save and prolong the Art object life if possible.

Since 25 years, a daily practised “HAND” associeted a perfect ability and comprehension of character ,and perpetuity of materials constituent art objects and used in the method of
reparing as well as right diagnostics of the condition to bring all interventions of reparation
to a successful conclusion .

High quality performance appreciated and followed by collectors and private people with conservation preocupation for heritage.

French and foreign paintings,
All reparing and conservation process on pictures (tempera,oil...) on various supports(on
canevas and panel...). The main restoration points are created and adaptable by the retorers Pascal and Annie Leniau . Important point ,the manual is specific to the famous studio with successful perpetuity.

Frames, mirrors ,
Regency period to modern period. The cleanind gilding (gold, silver, carper and polychrome painting), fumigating treatment and consolidation on the frame and mirror, the appropriate reparing for the ornement damage.

Art polychrome objects ,
Reparation art objects made in differents materials (glass,wood,metal,canevas, paper...) ,
plaster sculptures and bas-reliefs , terra cotta and reconstitued stone..

Art objects,
Restitution initial condition ,clearing of density dust and successive overpainted or possible old restauration. Treatment and intervention elaborate specially integrity for every art work polychrome.

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